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women entrepreneur | women entrepreneurs of India

Women entrepreneurs

In this article, you are going to know a bit about some WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS in India.
In a country like India, there are many myths that women's cannot work or do business.
But there are many examples solely in India which prove all these thoughts or thinkings a myth.!
Here are some examples of WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS of India.
women-entrepreneur, female-entrepreneur
women entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs of India

1. Aditi Gupta 


 Girls in India are taught from childhood that they cannot enter the temples, kitchens etc when they are on their menstrual periods, but a small town girl from Jharkhand, Aditi took a stand against it and started a comic with her husband teaching about menstrual cycle and hygiene, which later was turned into a revolutionary website 
Which have a column about menstruation which tells about health, menstruation cycle and hygiene!

2. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

co-founder and CMO,

A girl who is an MBA from Washington University and also a postgraduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations. 
for more than a decade she has worked for well-reputed industries of the USA like Nordstrom at its corporate headquarters and Goldman Sachs in its wealth management group in Newyork. after working in many fields Radhika Ghai Aggarwal Co-founded it was originated in the silicon valley, the USA in 2011. it is India's first and largest fully managed market place.

3.Jaya Jha

Co-founder at InstaScribe,

Jaya Jha is an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from IIM Lucknow and a B.Tech. in CS&E from IIT Kanpur.she is the co-founder at two websites relating to books, InstaScribe and Jaya is also an author, poet and speaker with three poetry collections and one novel


Co-Founder, CultureAlley

pranshu Bhandari is the co-founder of culturally, it is a very innovative way of learning languages. along with her husband and batchmate, she started this innovative way of learning languages with interactive videos. today, over 5,00,000 people have learnt Spanish and Portuguese from culturealley.



rashi Chaudhary is one of another "women entrepreneurs"she left the job a management trainee and worked for Raymond retail, then she came up with an idea of Mumbai's first online grocery store local baniya. local baniya serves at least 600 orders a day with approx. 98% customer satisfaction.

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